Sunday, June 3, 2012

Day...I think I lost let's call it day 1 and start fresh

I was exploring the streets of downtown Soho with a friend and came across this statement.  The funny thing is that I love love stories (yes that is not a typo).   One thing I have learned since moving here is that New Yorkers are direct about things they love or hate.   This city is a place where the truth is definitely told even if you don't want to listen.    For all I know, this person could have just seen the worst romantic comedy and decided, love stories just suck.  Or maybe this anonymous New Yorker is struggling through a breakup.  Maybe it is just spontaneous self expression.  At the end of the day, "anonymous New Yorker" decided to stand in his truth and let it be known.  I admire this type of strength and honesty.

Yesterday, I just had a conversation with a friend from California about truth telling.  She mentioned how frustrating it is to talk to Berkeley hippies because they will talk in circles in order to never say anything that will come across as negative even if it is just the truth of the situation.  She felt like relationships with people like this is close to pointless since their is never a foundation of honesty.  "It is all smoke and mirrors and rainbows" she said sighing.  

So, I love this city.  This place is storytellers 365 days of the year.   Stories are being written everyday all around me.  This place is a canvass and a platform for self expression.