Monday, November 2, 2009

Day 32...

This past Halloween I was inspired by the 1920's party I went to. I "flapped it up" at a benefit party in Brooklyn. Only in Brooklyn would there be six Hunter S. Thompson's at a party. My favorite was a group of guys costume. One of the guys was the plan that landed on the Hudson with a blow up plane on his head. The other four guys were air traffic controllers directing the plane to the beat of the music. And the last guy was the pilot. He had good rhythym too!! He was dancing up a storm in the front of the plane. It was so funny!! Halloween is really a sight in New York City. Other interesting costumes were Lady Gaga (the bubble version), vampires, a local vegetable market (I kid you not), pacman and the list goes on. It was a fun night. I am starting to get intrigued by Brooklyn.