Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Day 26: Taking a walk

I stumbled across three houses (326, 328, and 330) east 18th street. They were built in 1852-1853 and were part of Peter Stuyvesant's farm. They are said to be the earliest surviving structures in the neighborhood of the east village. All of the homes have deep landscaped front yards and beautiful "italianate" decorative elements.

All summer, I was kindof whining about not having outdoor space to barbecue and when I stumbled upon these homes I suddenly felt a stronger desire to get to know my neighbors! Summer is ending though, I can feel fall in the air and the distracting whisper of the beach is slowly fading away. But I have to admit... I would love to meet this particular neighbor. It would be nice to have tea in the front yard of and watch the people pass us by.

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