Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day 28: A little coffee break

Things have been rather hectic. I started a new job and I have been working 9-5 during my orientation. Transitioning from student to worker-bee is very tiring. I actually contemplated taking a cab home yesterday! As I was packing up my bag for the day I thought about the ease of hailing a cab and sinking into the worn leather seat... but I pushed myself to walk. Anyway, the pictures will be coming. I predict I will be back on schedule in one week. I just need to adjust to working. But rest assured, I am jotting down my thoughts about this city and I am still living very fully in it.
On a different note, I found a great little book that I have been reading before I go to bed called "Instant Karma". It has over 8,000 little quotes to make you think, feel better, change your ways, or just say hmmm... Here is one of the quotes I love:

"There is always a piece of fortune in misfortune."

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