Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day 10: First Memories of New York

I moved to New York in January of 2008. I remember the cold, the unbelievable amount of walking, and all of the people spilling out from what seemed like every corner. The subway system seemed so daunting and my second week of school I had to figure out how to make it to a clinical in Brooklyn. And I also had to get settled into the dorm on East 26th street and 1st aveune. This dorm room literally crushed my Felicity memories. I felt betrayed! I laugh about this now but when my Mom and I entered my dorm, we walked into a dingy, dirty, and depressing space. There was a broken lightbulb in the common space, dishes were piled high in the sink, and no one was there. I was going to be sharing my room with someone I didn't know very well and I could not believe it. I knew Felicity was a lie but this really brought it home. And my resident assistant was definitely not Noel from Felicity. But as the days stretched out into weeks, I started making my way. I found a website that let me plug in my address and where I needed to go in New York and I was starting to learn the subway system. And by the end of the first semester, I realized that I made it through my first east coast winter. I knew that I was starting to find my way when people were asking me for directions on the subway. I secretly smiled to myself when I remembered how lost I initially felt. And now after 18 months (but who is counting) in this big city I actually feel found.

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  1. Shida: I love the poster (National Sarcasm Society - Like we need your comments) - Great, sounds just like a college student. I remember the day we walked into that room. I did not want to leave you there, believe me, but I knew you would overcome all obstacles--And you have. Congratulations....