Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Day 11: Town Hall Meetings

Who are all these crazy people at the town hall meetings? Well, thank goodness we have Congressman, Barney Frank in the President's corner. He was so right when he said, arguing with some of these people is like arguing with a dining room table! Now there is a group of people comparing Obama's healthcare policies to the policies of Hitler? I just do *not* see the connection. And I have to say, Hitler is not so well known for his ideas about health and wellness I think he is well known for killing innocent people. The argument is just truly ludicrous.

I think this is going to be a rough road for our president but a poster hanging around town made me remember the hope that inspired so many people on election day. I believe the President (and all of us in favor of socialized medicine) will see a change in our current healthcare policies. If the detractors of this healthcare plan continue to use faulty arguments (like the comparison to Hitler) I think it is safe to say: a) the opposition doesn't understand what Obama's healthcare policy is b) they don't fully understand the history of Hitler and c) they might need a psychological evaluation.

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