Sunday, August 16, 2009

Day 8: A noted trait of most New Yorkers

Sometimes all you need is the truth to be stated clearly and simply.

One stark difference that I have found that differentiates New Yorkers from pretty much everyone else, is that the majority of New Yorkers that I know tell the truth... about pretty much anything! And the more I experience this unique form of truth-telling the more I want to become like these fearless (and truth filled) New Yorkers. I have many memories of friends telling me things about myself that were merely facts to them, resting points in our conversation. They have told me I am smart, the nicest person they have known, beautiful, talented and it has helped me see myself more clearly and silence my inner critic. Telling the truth (whether it is positive or negative) is usually done out of a love. Truth is an expression of love whether it is love for another, yourself or your coffee! For me telling people the truth can be challenging especially when it will not make them very happy. However, being bombarded by the truth (pretty much on a daily basis) is teaching me the value of truth-telling. I see myself getting better at telling the truth and sometimes saying exactly what I feel without the quickening of the butterflies in my stomach, my pulse is even and regular, and my breathing is calm. The truth has become a stabilizer for me and a calming force. The truth is love.

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