Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Day 4: Strawberry fields and flowers

This picture was taken during my second weekend in New York City. I was accepted to NYU about three weeks before classes started and everything was a mad dash to get to the city. I remember the freezing cold and the crowds of people. I remember feeling ill equipped for all of the challenges I was going to face. Looking back on this photo, I cannot believe that I got through two very cold New York winters. The funny thing is I always seem to visit Strawberry Fields when it is either 90% humidity or freezing cold. The cool thing is, the memorial is never the same. It is eternal, like John Lennon himself.

p.s. People formally gather every year to celebrate John Lennon's life by singing songs on his birthday (October 9th) and for the anniversary of his death (December 8th).

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