Monday, August 10, 2009

Day Two: A private little street downtown

I was intrigued by the private street I came across on 5th avenue and Washington Square North yesterday. I walked back there today to check it out a little bit more. The Washington Mews used to be a row of stables that housed horses. These stables have now been converted into homes (built in the 1930's). Now, mainly NYU professors and staff members live here. It is a beautiful little area that might go unnoticed by many. I noticed the quizzical expressions when I was snapping photos. For me, it is rare to see a private street in New York City. Looking through the gates takes you back to not only another time but almost another country.


  1. New York is a magical place. If you look below the crowded streets, rushed people, and blaring horns, there are jewels to be found. Looks like you're finding them. Keep clicking!