Saturday, August 22, 2009

Day 14: Future tellin'

It still continues to amaze me how many psychics are in the East Village! I think there are at least two per block! Coincidentally, a recent article by a reporter at discussed the increase during this economic downturn of people consulting psychics. In fact, a new type of person is consulting psychics: the type A, business suit, wallstreet type! And relationship questions are taking a backseat to finance questions/predictions.

I have had three experiences with palm readers. The most recent one was when I was food shopping in Whole Foods (possibly hippie central) This guy in cowboy boots and a cowboy hat grabbed my hand and stared at it for what seemed to be an eternity. He then exclaimed, "Why are you not writing anymore?" I was flabbergasted by the question. How did he know that I used to write? He then asked my why I was not singing anymore. Many people do not know that I can sing. Then he touched me on my back and asked me why I didn't have someone look at where I was injured. So far he was batting 3 for 3.

The next experience involved a guy I had been dating a couple years ago. We were having a coffee at starbucks and just enjoying each others company. He takes my palm and asks me if he can read it. I start to laugh, and ask him if he is a psychic. His brown eyes became serious and he said that his grandfather is a "seer" and that he has the gift but doesn't choose to pursue it. He slowly talks me into the reading, taking my palm carefully into his and studying it for a couple seconds. He told me that I have a lot of schooling ahead of me. I found that very interesting because that was way before the idea of going back to school had even entered my mind. He also said that in terms of children, I have "two boys in my hand". When I asked him how many children he had in his, he quickly responded, "I have one, a little girl". What struck me was how sure he was about what he was saying. It didn't seem like he was consulting some crystal fairy in the sky he uttered these things like he was reading a book.

The last brush I had with a psychic was during a street fair in Rockridge, California (a gentrified area in Oakland). I was walking through the crowd and a woman grabbed my hand and said she had to read my palm. I relented. She told me mostly things about a relationship that kind of seemed to ring true but what I really remember is her saying that I was going to move to a place surrounded by a lot of water. Her words came back to me in a flash when I looked out of the window during my flight to New York and saw the ice blue water jut out against the island of Manhattan. I remember thinking, "hmm...maybe there is something to this psychic stuff. after all" Either way, I have more education, moved to a land surrounded by water, and I am writing again. So, I guess so far I am batting three for three.

p.s. Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. The sign says, "special reaing $5.00". I guess since they can predict the future they don't need to know how to spell it!

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